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The Impact of Work Zone Equipment

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

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Work zone equipment can make or break traffic flow. High quality, easy-to-understand signage and devices allows traffic to flow smoothly and safely through the area. At Directional Traffic, we specialize in a wide variety of traffic control services, each one we believe is a necessity for safe travel.

Work Zone Signage

If you’ve driven through a work zone, you’ve encountered many different types of work zone signage. At Directional Traffic, we split our signs into temporary and permanent signage. Temporary signage is an excellent choice for road work that is only going to occur over the space of a few weeks, or a similar short-term time frame. However, temporary signage does not mean flimsy signs. Temporary signage must be durable and easy to read, just like a permanent sign. Otherwise, a strong storm or wind from passing cars could knock it over, and create an unsafe work zone.

Permanent signage is used to direct traffic in parking lots, along roadways, or through roundabouts. These signs are mounted securely, often directly into the concrete, and are not made to be dismantled easily. Durable, high-quality materials ensure that the sign will be easily read years from when it was installed.

Our Sign Shop offers custom signage that meets Department of Transportation requirements for Pennsylvania and Maryland. These custom signs are ideal for customers who need something beyond your average “yield,” “do not enter,” or “stop” sign. Custom signs can be the perfect addition to parking lots and work zones where generic just doesn’t cut it.

Flagging Services

Flagging is one of the biggest traffic control services that we offer. Our team of exceptional flaggers brave hot and cold road conditions to direct traffic through work zones in any weather. They’ve had extensive training and understand how to work as a team to keep pedestrians, drivers, and road workers safe in a work zone setting. If signs and message boards just aren’t enough to make a work zone safe, flaggers are a great option.

Work Zone Traffic Plans

Work zone traffic plans make work zones tick. These strategic documents are an important traffic control service as they offer a comprehensive plan for the flow of traffic through a work area. Our goal is to impede traffic as little as possible, and these plans do just that. A traffic plan creates a map for the placement of signage, traffic cones, and Directional Traffic personnel in order to minimize disturbances to pedestrians and drivers, while still completing road work on time.

Automated Flagger Assistance Devices

Automated Flagger Assistance Devices (AFAD) are new on the traffic control scene. These towers feature a robotic arm with flag attachment, and a traffic light on top of a tall orange and white striped tower. They look very similar to traffic control devices at railway crossings. While these devices are not meant to replace traffic control flaggers, they are essential in keeping flaggers safe and out of harm’s way. AFADs can be safely placed to block traffic without potential harm to human life. Interested in seeing AFADs in action? Check out a video of an active work zone with AFADs here.

Message Boards

Message boards are a great alternative to non-electric signage. With electric lighting, they’re easy to see at night. Unlike a permanent sign, you can easily customize the writing on each board to adjust to current traffic situations. Message boards can warn of an active work zone ahead, promote seat belt laws, or direct drivers to move over due to a lane change. You may have seen them throughout Maryland promoting #MasksonMaryland and the “Safer at Home” campaign.

Speed Boards

Too many drivers flying through your work zone? Speed boards are one of the most effective traffic control services to ensure drivers slow down. These devices take many different forms. You can see them with a notification of speed and radar below showing exactly what speed drivers are traveling at. More technologically advanced speed boards can actually dispense tickets to drivers who are caught by radar going above the posted speed.

Light Towers

When people say light towers, most refer to large LED light mounted on a portable trailer. These towers fully illuminate a work zone and provide the necessary light to workers at night. When installing these trailers, it’s crucial that you do not point the light directly into traffic or towards the road. They can easily blind drivers and pedestrians and cause serious accidents. At Directional Traffic, we precisely position these where they will not impair the vision of drivers or pedestrians in the area.

Type III Barricades

Even new drivers will become familiar with Type III traffic barricades before spending too much time on the road. At Directional Traffic, we have a permanent and temporary version of these barricades. Our permanent barriers feature reflective red and white stripes mounted on metal posts. These can be used to permanently shut down alleyways, driveways, etc. The temporary barriers are slightly different with reflective orange and white stripes, mounted to metal posts that are designed to be used as a stand, and not driven permanently into the ground. Often, they’re used in conjunction with traffic cones, drums, and flagging personnel to block a roadway or divert traffic.

What do you need for your work zone? Whichever traffic control service you choose, Directional Traffic is happy to provide you with what you need. We offer sales, rental, and a variety of high quality traffic control options so your project can be completed on time.

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