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Flaggers Who Prioritize Road Safety Save Lives

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Traffic Control Road safety

In the past five years, 4,400 people died and 200,000 persons were injured in construction zone accidents. The majority of deaths were a driver or passenger. Each of these deaths impacted entire communities and were felt deeply by the families of the departed.

Traffic control flaggers can help reduce these accidents and keep pedestrians, drivers, and workers safe. At Directional Traffic, our road safety personnel wear high-visibility clothing, use well-designed and easy to read signage, and have the training they need to keep work zones moving smoothly and safely.

Create and Enforce a Traffic Plan

According to OSHA, a large part of a traffic control flagger’s job is to create and enforce a traffic plan. This plan ensures the safety of pedestrians, drivers, and construction workers. It guides drivers safely through the work zone, while protecting pedestrians and keeping construction workers safe.

The flagger’s job is to communicate clearly with all parties upon approaching the work zone. Flaggers guide pedestrians, drivers, and construction workers alike through the work zones and ensures that everyone understands and follows their guidance.

Imagine if you approached a construction zone and there were no clear signs. The flaggers weren’t paying attention and you couldn’t figure out if you were supposed to drive, slow down, or stop. In situations like this one, accidents would easily occur, putting all parties at risk, but especially construction workers and pedestrians.

Prevent and Reduce Traffic Jams

Few things are more frustrating than when you’re running late for work and wind up stuck in a traffic jam. Construction zones can be a major cause of traffic delays along your morning commute. Traffic control flaggers can keep work zone traffic moving along fairly and efficiently, with neither direction stopped for longer than necessary.

A smoothly flowing work zone prevents angry drivers who could be prone to driving unsafely in an attempt to clear the work zone. These drivers put everyone else at risk. A flagger can prioritize road safety by delivering firm directions and interacting with drivers in a friendly manner. A clear traffic control plan creates a safe work zone that can flow easily.

However, flaggers do need to balance construction workers’ needs and the needs of pedestrians/drivers. If you are stopped in a work zone and don’t see any cars moving in either direction, consider that a large construction vehicle is moving and that road safety personnel are working hard to get you moving again shortly.

Make Way for Emergency Vehicles

Accidents in construction zones and along roadways can be life threatening. If an emergency vehicle is delayed because of a work area, lives could be at risk. It’s crucial that first responders get to the incident as quickly as possible. Flaggers play a crucial role in clearing work zones so that first responders can travel smoothly and safely through a work zone.

An appropriately cleared work zone that follows a traffic control plan could save lives.

When alerted to an emergency vehicle in advance, the flagger’s job is to move all pedestrians and drivers out of the work zone safely and ensure that emergency responders can move through the area as quickly as possible.

Provide Damage Control for Traffic Violators

Unfortunately, not every driver is a safe driver. If a car ignores a flagging station and drives through a work zone without following the traffic control plan, flaggers need to act quickly to maintain road safety and control the situation.

When a driver ignores directions, flaggers direct other traffic, pedestrians, and construction workers out of the way of the offending vehicle. Directional Traffic trains their workers specifically for these situations. Our flaggers understand how to communicate efficiently and work as a team to keep everyone safe. However, we don’t want our employees to risk their lives without thought. As they work to maintain control of the work zone, they also formulate an escape plan for their own safety as well.

At Directional Traffic, our flaggers work closely with local law enforcement to ensure that all violators are handled appropriately by the officer who may be located in the work zone for additional safety.

Make Road Safety a Priority

Directional Traffic prides itself on training traffic control flaggers who know how to keep pedestrians, drivers, and construction workers safe. Our employees understand that the safest construction zones move forward safely and smoothly, while preventing traffic jams, controlling violators, and ensuring that everyone follows the traffic control plan.

At Directional Traffic, we teach our flaggers how to communicate to any road user clearly and efficiently to avoid miscommunications and frustration. This includes using signs that are made in-house, ensuring that they are of the highest-quality, easy to read, and durable enough to withstand any road condition.

If you need flaggers who prioritize road safety above all else, reach out to Directional Traffic today. Contact us here.

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