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Work zone signage

At Directional Traffic, we believe in supplying our clients with the best traffic control products on the market. Work zone signage has a direct impact on the safety of pedestrians, drivers, and construction workers. Low quality traffic control devices can lead to car accidents, injuries, and even fatalities. High-quality work zone equipment saves lives. That’s why we supply and use the best products in our work zones.

Whether you’re just looking for signage or a high-tech AFAD, Directional Traffic is proud to bring cutting-edge traffic control devices to the Pennsylvania area. Check out our Sign Shop and Sales and Rentals here.

Heavily-Researched Traffic Control Products

All the products used by Directional Traffic have been heavily researched since we were established in 2012. We do our best to stand by our customers, by using all of our products ourselves. We work with several great suppliers and use all of their products in our own work zones. The products are deployed throughout the public and private sector in industries ranging from mining, to security, to traffic control.

Our products display a level of quality that can only be achieved with years of experience and a wide variety of testing. Deployment in a wide variety of industries means the equipment has been tested in many different situations and adjusted accordingly. In our experience, our traffic control products have always held up to any test we’ve put them through.

Cutting-Edge Technology

While Directional Traffic works to provide the basics of work zone signage, such as message boards, signs, and flagging personnel, we’re proud to announce that we also offer AFADs. These Automated Flagger Assistance Devices are one of the cutting-edge developments in work zone technology. AFADs are easy to set up in any work zone and take the place of some flagging personnel. Fewer flaggers on the road means fewer chances of injury!

AFADs feature a traffic light atop a tall pole with a moveable arm and flag attached. When the arm drops traffic is forced to stop. When it lifts, traffic is able to move forward smoothly once again. Because of its simple and effective design, AFADs are very easy for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists to interact with and understand. Most people find AFADs to be reminiscent of the arms at railroad crossings and in parking garages.

Directional Traffic works with site2020 for all of our AFAD needs. Site2020 focuses on making work zones smarter, as well as safer. Some of their products integrate with Waze to provide citizens with the most up-to-date traffic information. Smarter technology includes features such as WiFi connectivity, live video surveillance, and even alarms to warn workers of illegal vehicle intrusions.


Few things are more frustrating than finding a great traffic control device only to realize it isn’t in compliance with the rules and regulations of the guiding organization you operate under. Directional Traffic has solved that problem by offering customization through our in-house Sign Shop to meet the specific regulations you need.

Directional Traffic is able to meet regulations from organizations like the National Transportation Communications for Intelligent Transportation Systems (NTCIP), the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) which is distributed by the Federal Highway Administration, and even the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).

Our products comply with a wide variety of traffic control standards and can be customized to meet any regulation. For example, our message boards comply with NTCIP, MUTCD, and NEMA rules. But, for example, if you also needed the sign to meet state-specific DOTS regulations, we can work with you to customize your order to meet your needs.

Unique Traffic Control Solutions

Every work zone is unique. The same generic signage solutions may not work every time. When you’re faced with a particularly complicated work zone that requires some out-of-the-box thinking, a creative solution may be needed. Trying to “jerry-rig” a traffic control device for something other than its intended purpose can be a safety hazard. For example, if a sign blows down or power to message boards cuts out, you could be directly responsible for a car accident.

Luckily, custom solutions for your specific work zone are available. Directional Traffic can work directly with our suppliers to develop the solutions you need, while also maintaining compliance with regulatory organizations. No matter what your work zone looks like, Directional Traffic and our suppliers can create a safe work zone for all.

Support Small Business

Directional Traffic doesn’t work with just any supplier. We carefully vet where our products come from, to evaluate not only the quality of the products, but also the values of the companies we work with. As a small business, Directional Traffic tries to work with companies that provide high-quality traffic control products while still maintaining original family values. Together, Directional Traffic and all of our suppliers create high-quality traffic control solutions to meet your every work zone need.

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