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The Benefits of Temporary Road Signage for your Work Zone

Temporary road signage

Road conditions can vary hugely. You may feel perfectly safe driving on the highway when it’s clear skies with lots of sun, but then find yourself white-knuckling the wheel in a severe thunderstorm. Just as drivers are subjected to extreme road conditions, work zone signage is as well. Whether your construction site needs permanent or temporary road signage, the durability of these signs is paramount to maintaining roadway safety.

Protect Road Workers

When we say road workers, we’re not just talking about our employees. Road workers encompasses construction workers, flaggers, trash pick up teams, and highway maintenance crews. Everyone from the team that mows the median to the construction worker re-paving the road, deserves to have the necessary signage they need to stay safe.

Temporary road signage is essential to construction zone safety. Permanent road signs may provide crucial directions and long-term notices, but temporary signs provide clear direction to drivers in a more fluid situation. For example, a road crew that works in various spots throughout the highway cannot be anticipated by your everyday driver. Therefore, temporary road signage that can move with the team is necessary to notify drivers.

Protect Construction Assets

As all foremen know, a road project can be significantly delayed due to severe weather. A bad week of rain can set you back significantly. Workers either stay home or work at less weather-sensitive projects. But the majority of large construction equipment stays at the site. These assets may be protected against theft and surrounded by barriers, but sometimes that’s not enough to keep them safe.

A driver who is going too fast in the rain, may not see the grey barrier wall or even the yellow backhoe at the end of the work zone. If they lose control and hit either the barrier or your equipment, your project could be delayed significantly.

Temporary road signage stands out against rainy days and gray skies. These simple signs can save you both time and money by alerting drivers to the presence of equipment and barrier walls that may not have been there before.

Ease of Setup and Clean Up

Despite all of the jokes about “lazy” construction workers, we know that the best work zones operate smoothly and efficiently. Foremen are often under a lot of pressure to get a job done as soon as possible. They often have to deal with rude language and honking from frustrated drivers who are annoyed with the added traffic to the morning commute. Funding deadlines and pressure from the top can also dictate the speed at which a project is completed.

You can’t waste precious time fiddling with signs that are difficult to set up and take down. Permanent road signage takes time to set up. It needs to be anchored, mounted, and carefully put together to ensure that it lasts. Temporary road signage, on the other hand, is quick and easy. All you need are some sandbags, a stand, and the sign. One to two people could set up the work zone signage while the rest of your crew is prepping for the day. Need to move on to the next section of road? No problem. Remove the sandbags, put the sign in the truck, and you’re off.

Mobility without Sacrificing Durability

When some construction workers think of temporary road signage, flimsy pieces of fabric or vinyl are all that come to mind. These pieces are only meant to be used for small amounts of time and don’t hold up to any type of weather.

At Directional Traffic, we pride ourselves on creating durable signs that can hold up to the weather conditions of Pennsylvania and Maryland without sacrificing ease of use. High visibility colors stand out in the rainiest of conditions. The writing and images on each sign is long lasting and scratch resistant, which helps to maintain safety in work zones.

Poor quality signs can cause accidents. A driver that has to take time to decipher a faded sign could run into the car in front of them or fail to react to directions in time. No one can afford an accident on the highway. Bright durable signs keep drivers and construction workers safe by providing clear directions.

The Temporary Road Signage You Need

At Directional Traffic, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality work zone signage when you need it most. Our in-house sign shop provides both temporary and permanent signage that is approved for use in both Maryland and Pennsylvania. No job is too big or small for us to handle! Whether you need a sign made for your work zone or if you’re looking for work zone signage rentals, we’re here to help you keep highways safe.

Talk to us today about both temporary and permanent road signage for your work zone.

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